Thursday, March 19, 2009

They're gone....T.T

Sigh....they've gone home last night. *tears building*

*sob* We went to Paddy's for the last time to stock up some Macadamias and more souvenirs. They bought like 2 kg of Macadamias! I'm pretty sure my mom will finish it quickly.

My sis was hunting for a big and cheap wombat plush, which she finally didn't get... *sweat* She's obsessed with it! She requested that if i do go back before i start my Pattiserie course that i bring her a big one. *double sweat* (<.<)

Ugh! Lucky i don't wear makeup often! My eyes keep tearing up... *sob* I just feel sad...i can't explain why....*sob sob*

I'll leave now....

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