Friday, February 27, 2009

Recession is everywhere!!!!!!

Sigh, i can't believe PS has hit recession. It's a freaking flash game! WTF?!
I saw a freaking Jello sold for 3 lips. Sigh......back then anybody couldn't have anything with a Jello. 
The Jester dolls are having a laugh, they're freaking worth 2 j/ls a piece. Some has the nerve to ask for rares like turkey food and toffee apples for them. They're still in the GMBS for godsakes! 
I hate this shit. Ugh.....please come back- Cloners, Cheater, Hackers!!! 
The market is dying without you guys!!!!!! guys must be seriously thinking wth am i talking about. 

PS- Pet Society (flash game on Facebook)
GMB- Gold Mystery Box
Jello- Something like an Angeling from Ragnorak
J/L- Juke/Lips worth 6666 /20k each pcs.

Friday, February 20, 2009


Yes, finally. A blog.
Seriously, what am i going to do with this??
Everyone has one. So, i thought to myself, why not create one as well.
So hopefully, i make use of this. 
Ciao. ;-p

Just for fun!

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